A Fistful of Love -Royal Fingerbowl

I’ve got a fistful of love-a five-fingered romance
no caress of your glove and no recon in your pants

it’s time we end this thing
come on baby and just take a chance
and grab a hold of this fistful of love

If I could grip your heart like this handful of heartache
you know we’d never be apart
no more slapping on this poundcake
it’s time that we decide not to cause so much heartache
it’s time to nix this fistful of love

Well I been walking in the rain with my hands in my pockets
oh! what a crying shame
my manhood’s in hock and I got no one to blame
no one to blame
no one to blame
but me

Don’t talk of love I hate I hate that topic
and I gaze at your picture when I’m waxing philosophic
oh baby I gots the jones
there’s a bone that we might get to hone
tones for this fistful of love

A Fistful of Love -Royal Fingerbowl