[ Jack ]
-Mmmm yesterday I asked you «What is the best way to DUMP someone?»
-Here are your best answers.

[ xXBluexXxBloomXx ]
-Wanna see a magic trick? Poof, you’re single.

[ GleeCheerx3 ]
-give them a sock and tell them «dobby is free»

[ Abby Arsonist ]
-Throw them a going away party. SURPRISE!

[ IsabelleHemmo ]
-Ask your friends to do it for you at recess

[ Jack ]

[ Ryan Walker ]
-You don’t because that’s a sin.

[ McAlister Higgins ]
-Tell them about audible

[ Kevin Strasser ]
-I would tell my girlfriend I run a YouTube channel.

[ Jack ]

[ Introvertist ]
-Change the Netflix password.

-Say: «I love you» it never fails.

[ Justina MacNeil ]
-By doing the opposite of wheezywaiter’s proposal plan.

[ Israel Aguilera ]
-Deflate her and put her back in the box

[ Corrina Rose ]
-«I’m pregnant»

[ zachcreed ]
-Tell them, «It’s not you, it’s your My Little Pony fanfic»

[ topburger 239 ]
-the best way to dump someone is to PUT EM IN THE TRASH

[ Britt x ]
-Get on one knee, pull out an empty box, and say «will you get out of my life?»

[ AliceinMalice123 ]
-Yeah, That was great, here’s your money.

[ Corrina Rose ]
-how can you dump what you don’t have AM I RIGHT

[ MaisonDuRank ]
-Surprise herpes

[ supimdanii]
-swipe left

[ Angel Pinedo ]
-By watching West Side Story and telling her «We are like the main couple, in the end you are full of life and i’m dead inside».

[ lifegonewierd123 ]
-Dunk them in the trash where all women belong and then grab yourself a cold brewski B) #meninist

[ Sir. Heightlien ]
-The same way Augustus Waters did it……. by dying.

[ Aija Lang ]
-Fake your own death.
-Frame him for your murder.
-And then make a big comeback and become pregnant with his child.

[ 2J ]
-grow a pedo mustache like the one you had and she’ll do the dumping for you

[ MeloMore ]
-I don’t feel right doing this, grandma.

[ ganandorf66 ]
-Take off the oculus.

[ HipsterSharpie ]
-«This can’t go on anymore professor, my boyfriend will find out!»

[ Anu Oluwatayo ]
-Favourite your own tweet, they’ll either dump you or kill you

[ Bendik Migliosi ]
-Just say :»i actually liked the new U2 album»

[ ThisIsTori ]
-«Is it hot in here or is it this relationship suffocating me?»

[ FrameRateNull ]
-Naming the baby «Ima divoceia »

[ Sam Stovey ]
-With a strongly worded tattoo

[ Louise Young ]
-Say you gotta take out the trash and then throw them out of your house

[ Dylan Whatley ]
-tell them you wrote a song for them, then sing the wrong girls name throughout the whole song

[ Nassif9000 ]
-how to dump someone: «you look like my ex»
-«what ex?»

[ RockingVeganCupcake ]
-lean in for a kiss and when the other one leans in aswell shout ‘TO SLOW’ and run away.

[ Muckilove ]
-Say «I reddit.»

[ spoooonla ]
-Sit down with them and explain why the relationship isn’t working. Tell them you can’t be someone who doesn’t make you happy and hope they understand. That’s it. There’s no joke.

[ Joel Katz ]
-I want to divorce because you look like a horse

[ Jack ]
-OREO has been announcing some crazy new flavors like Red Velvet Cake and now S’Mores, so my question to you is «What flavor of Oreo cookie do YOU want to see?»
-Let me know in the big fat comment section below and I will pick your top answers in the next episode of Y-I-A-Y.
-Link in the description below for yesterday’s episode, here’s a clip.

[ braden paolucci ]
-the bible 2: its ok to be gay