Between The Wheels -Dawncore

Anger you say you got
I don‘t believe you not
’cause a’int worth nothing
now you’are mfuckin’ actin

Freedom — that’s the most important
Justice — don’t live in independent
Crime — against normal thoughts
Lies — selfcontrol not so high
Inside — where is your anger now
Hatred — it don’t cure for minds

Days sirnilar than nights
Chance — we haven’t just a sigh
Cry — we want more than cry
Excuse everyday and night
I‘ve got something new
get high and don’t think all the time
for the real life

Anger push outside
Anger could come inside
Anger must feel we’re

Strenght what can give
Strenght what can hold
Strength have to feel ya all

Scorn — Scorn your idol
it don’t shelter l know
be careful don’t be cheated
your mind why don’t say nothin’
Scorn — Scorn your idol
it don’t shelter l know
the blindness is not solution

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Between The Wheels -Dawncore