Charlotte (Prod. Gum$ x Tavis Foster) -Tavis Foster

[Intro: Fox News]
He’s Live in Charlotte, North Carolina for us today
So whats the reaction there to all of this?

[Verse: Tavis Foster]
I hate that guy And what he believes
I hate that guy he only sees green
Why he believe in Ultralight Beams ?
Tryna get at her
He ain’t the one she needs

I feel like he’s wheezing and coughing
He dress like he livin in coffin
She squeal like… I’m outta pocket
He peel like he in a car chase
He peel cause , Y’all niggas watchin
He hard like, He be Siincostin

He just don’t wanna cry
Momma said dry your eye
He don’t like 9 to 5
He not a normal guy
Contemplate suicide
He can’t choose live or die
He hope his liver die
World died in 2012
He was the sacrifice

He is childish Mighty Morphin
He is praying for the fortune
He is childish Mighty Morphin
His name is Tavis

(I want the whole world to know me)
(I’ll probably die in suit in ties)
(I’ll probably die by suicide)

Woke up this morning
Thinking that I should call you
Make us normal
In case I’m not here tomorrow

You gon’ help me
Can you tell I’m nothing?
Its Unhealthy, ready for discussions
Low-key tired of the you up? text with tongue emojis

No one is promised another day
Can you believe it?
So let me donate the rest of my days
Will you receive it?

I’ve been moving slowly in my shell
Y’all is living as i just stay to dwell
Y’all in heaven as I’m stuck in hell
So just listen i got stories to tell
B.T.E. my clothin know you coppin
E.S.G. the clan I’m solo rockin
Die in sleep or wish that nigga popped me
I’ve been living through hell, Im sure they watching
Die a legend cause sure there are imposters
I can stand it, Acting give em ocsars
Oscars Grammys gold is false I call it
Mommas Granny’s elder true prophets

Bury me cause this is pure evil
Bury me cause there i know I’m equal
Bury me in coffin filled with people
Cause Im alone now
I hope I’m not in the Afterlife

Charlotte (Prod. Gum$ x Tavis Foster) -Tavis Foster