Come On Home -B. Keyler

Come On Home by B. Keyler

Come on.
Come on home. Come on home, now.
Babe. You got to do what you have to do.
Come on.
Come on home, now. Come on home
and leave me the sweetest kiss of all.

I wanna lay.
I wanna lay right next to you.
I wanna lay down in the sand, in the sand
and bury my face.
I wanna sleep now, honey.
Don`t leave me all alone.

I wanna go. Yeah – Yeah!
I wanna go now, leave now!
I wanna leave now. Oh-Yeah!
I wanna go now, babe! Please follow me home!
Don`t leave me all alone!
Don`t leave me all alone!

I just wanna go home now.
Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! Honey, don`t leave me all alone.
Oh-Honey. Don`t you leave me all alone!

Come On Home -B. Keyler