Crown -Arksteriff


Verse 1
Rivals are looking for the chance they’ve got to steal my crown,
(Preparing to attack, red set eyes and heart’s jet black)
They wanna see me loose, and kick me as I’m falling down
(They hate where I am placed, angers written on their face)
They want off with my head, they want me buried 6-foot underground
(Their toxic thoughts are loud, do dark desires make you proud)
My powers out their depth, and if they try they’ll fatally drown
(You shouldn’t oppose me, obedience is the vital key)

Chorus (x2)
I’m the king, I wear the crown
All of you, look at me now
I won the game, I own the throne
I’m the king, I wear the crown


Verse 2
I walk through crowds of jealous frowns, and I’m holding my head high
(Approving of myself, I’m my master and no one else)
Centre of the attention, under the watch of the eagle’s eyes
(Observing every move, judging all the things I do)
They wanna take my grace, they want to sweep away my pride
(The endless strong desire, to watch my kingdom burn in fire)
I’m gonna keep my place, the throne I own will always be mine
(This is reality, except my place in history)

Chorus (x2)

Bridge (x2)
Because the world revolves around me,
Self-absorbed celebrity,
Narcissistic identity,
They love me (I’m crazy)
Playing clever mind games, avoiding all these checkmates,
Manipulating my enemies,
they hate me (I’m crazy)

Chorus (x4)


Crown -Arksteriff