Daniel Tidwell — Knee Deep in the Dead [At Doom’s Gate] (Doom)

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Daniel Tidwell — Knee Deep in the Dead [At Doom’s Gate] (Doom)

Banish me to Mars

Yea, you’re a spineless coward

Fill up all your ranks with

The brainwashed mindless sheep

No action here for fifty million miles

But I can feel something fragging evil nigh

Travel to new dimensions

No thought of the cost

Result of my dissension

Corrupt command orders false

Something’s wrong now it won’t be long

Curdling screams of agony

Silence, Dread

Seems your buddies are dead

We’re knee deep in the dead

Hellborn demons now pouring through the gate

Slaughtered or undead minions

These poor fools shared fate

Fight through Phobos

I’m the last one left alive

You face a combat machine

Takes more than that to shut my eyes

Travelling down now

Slaying all that’s in my path

Ain’t no training for this

But there’s no choice I must resist

Eyes of hellfire scar my soul

This soldier keeps on pushing

What’s next? The red exit seems to glow

Stuck on the shores of hell

Deimos lives up to the name

Terror, panic, dread but no time for pain

Enter the Fortress of Mystery

Clench my gun never done

These hellspawn will be history

The Halls of the Damned

Battling evil unleashed

Tower of Babel now

Every Cyberdemon I defeat

On the edge of the moon

Look down and see the awful truth

Deimos above hell itself!

I know what I must do

Hell hath no fury like a soldier scorned

Slough of despair with no time left to mourn

Pandemonium running wild

House of pain surrounds me

Greet hellborn with a subtle smile

Mount Erebus mindfuck

Capital Dis in my sight

Spiderdemon mastermind

Do you even know who you fight?

Too tough for hell I emerge from the door to see

Home at last

Green fields of Earth

Death today? Not me!

Daniel Tidwell — Knee Deep in the Dead [At Doom’s Gate] (Doom)