Doug’s Gonna Break You Down -Cliff Clavin and the Newmans

Doug’s gonna break you down, Doug’s gonna tear you up

That little bitch been runnin’ his mouth and Doug’s about had enough

You better watch your mouth, you better shut your hole

Doug’s in town and he’s itchin’ for a fight and he’s about to lose control.

He might throw down, he don’t throw switches
He might slap bass, he don’t slap bitches
He likes beer flat and nipples perky
He don’t smoke crack, he just smokes Turkeys

Doug’s gonna smash your face, you better lock your door

hope you brought an extra pair cuz you ’bout to shit yo’ drawers.

You wanna see some moves? Doug’s gonna scratch your itch,

Krylon thinks that he’s all that But he’s just a little bitch

His rhymes are fresh, his moves are funky
You spank your kids, he spanks his moneky.
You mix his drinks, he mixes ladies, You make him lunch, he’ll make your babies

Are you gonna get down tonight? Wanna rumble with Doug tonight?

Your moves are stiff as a walking stick and old as a trilobite

So ask yourself again. Do you really wanna hang around?

Better check yourself before you wreck yourself cause Doug’s gonna break you down!

Doug’s Gonna Break You Down -Cliff Clavin and the Newmans