Drowsy -TaiiBADMAN

No love, no love, no love

I worked hard for this music
It ain’t fall into my lap
Got em talking like I’m Trees
Put my brother on the map
Leaving all these rappers dead
Like the pledge that’s no cap
And my numbers going up
I guess they like the way I rap
They act like they know me now
But I never come around
I’m just looking at the clouds
But I never leave my house
All black like the reaper now
Pay me for a feature now
Heard they like to run they mouth
But when I’m here
Don’t make a sound
Trying to make a large amount
Before they put me in the ground
They say I’m a demon king
Humans never took my crown
Like a circle give you rounds
I pull up and lay em down
If I’m ever in your town
You ain’t sleeping safe and sound
And she tell me I’m conceited
Honestly I can’t deny
Obviously I’m the villain
You can try but I won’t die
Give em hell like the devil
I’ma rock em like the pebble
You can play the story mode
You’ll never make it to my level
Even if you wasn’t feeling me
You probably felt this
I told you that my heart is cold
And you will never melt it
I didn’t have nobody but myself
So I’m selfish
You can try to challenge me
But I will leave you headless
Lately I’ve been snapping
Like the claws on a shellfish
Ayy if I never find love
I guess I’ll be fine
Have a conversation
With the demons in my mind
Just to live this life
Had to trade in my sanity
Yes I am the villain
I’ve obtained immortality
Really I’m just being honest
Now they getting mad at me
I be on these instrumentals
Causing hell of casualties
Ayy dodging all the fakes
Slicing up the snakes
I won’t leave a trace
You will be erased
Yes I’m serious
And you can see it in my face
I’ve been living freely
Now they want to give me hate
Serious about my art
Yea I am a beast they should have
Put me back on Noah’s ark
I just want the racks
Until I get richer than Tony Stark
Ayy ain’t no rest for the wicked
So I’m drowsy
In the lab I’m making hits
Like Rhonda Rousey
Amazing grace cause I was lost
And then I found me
Really I just want to ball
But they foul me
Ain’t no rest for the wicked
So I’m drowsy
Ain’t no rest for the wicked
So I’m drowsy

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Drowsy -TaiiBADMAN