For A Special Best Freind -The Wise Monkey

This one’s for A Special Best Friend,
You Know Who You Are

My love for you is like the most Best Friend Ever,
Your face reminds me of a Beautiful angel ,
Together, we are like The Perfect Friends.

Best Friend,
My Best Friend On Earth,
This Friendship Is Unbrakeable,
The Best Friendship I Could Ever Have.

Roses are red,
Skies are blue,
I love My Best Friend,
And I Need You Right Beside Me Whereever I Go

My Best Friend,
You are My Happyness Everyday,
Without You I Will Fall Apart

Your Beautiful,
Your The Only Best Friend For Me,
Your The Best Friend On Earth,
Your Best Personality…

How could I Have A Better when our Best Friend love is so strong?

For A Special Best Freind -The Wise Monkey