Gabriela Riley -GABRIELA RILEY

Well if I can’t even talk about it don’t you think it must have been gooey

Got your eyes tied up on her
Now you wandered over where
Where I can’t be
Did you not like the ring
of being jilted Mr. G

Before I’m out the door
Let’s fun dip bump to be sure
You have conceived
Truly believe that
you’re the something
That pushed pinned me to Faith
Though my Scientists said stray
(My scientists said dead it, slit the wrists of lust for your joy)

Girl tread fast
Said the members of my jury
Cause forwards backwards won’t make it happen
Girl step
Pretend you don’t sweat it like

It’s this and that
And this and this
I’m glad I can’t forget

We re-shapened every god fearing stance
That said that weary’d be where we’re at
Up on the outs but
it’s cushioned me with faith
The Hi-Sci-Financed spooky way

The boy kept sassing members of my jury
With forward backwards etchings on my journey
Whirled stepped fast
pretending I don’t sweat him
And how
His scifience got my motors revving

Climax tactics
Sent us on some grey trips
Flaws re-mastered
Bettering my shapeshifting
Bent over backwards
White flag awave
on it read: SciFience is My Only Law

Let’s stop masking that we’re all afraid of aching And trust
What we’ve got here’s a lot
Don’t let us break it
Let’s let our passing pleasures that have waned fade no more
SciFience is my only holy ghost.

Gabriela Riley -GABRIELA RILEY