Gotta Wait (Lil Pump Diss) -Presidentpolk

Real recognizezy real
Real recognize fake

I’m adding to my Bills
Man I know Niggas Gone Hate

Y’all on That same old ass shit
It’s Going Outta Date

I only Repond to money
Anything else can Wait, (2x)

Verse 1

I’m about to do some deals for some Bills
Bae I’m sick of these lies I was tired of feeling ill

She my ex Babymama cause I made her take a pill
Cause on the real
I ran her phone it got Revealed,(thot)

I’m on money money money money shit
Just like I’m Mr krabs

If any nigga want beef
Then I got it up for grabs

We done been dru this befo
Just know Next time it’s a Wrap

I’ll air that bitch at your House
Then Dip Out Assap

Boy you mad I hit a lick
All sad I took your shit

Made your shit disappear
Like I did a magic Trick

I Might be riding around with your Chick
Might be riding round hitting licks

She say that I’m her hero now
She’s my sidekick

These Niggas think they running some
But y’all ain’t running Shit,(Man)

Y’all boys got scared
When I ran up on your click

Old nappy head a** boy
Your a** need a pic

Polk you Dumb,(Yeah Nigga I know)
Ima Lunatic

Why you come out with them shorts on
If you don’t want me To look

I’m Goody two shoes with her parents
Acting like I’m all good

When I leave I switch Back
Ima motherfucking crook

Man my phone Jumping
But it’s not Money
It gets Overlooked


Real Recognize real
Real recognize fake

I’m adding to my bills
Man I know Niggas Gone hate

Y’all on that Same old ass shit
It’s going outta date

I only repond to money
Anything else can wait, (2x)

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Gotta Wait (Lil Pump Diss) -Presidentpolk