How Bout You -Josh Gallagher

Three sheets on whiskey and quarter jukebox spins.
Spending all my money in this dive I been living in.
Eight balls, last call before we turn on the lights.
Another Round or are you doing alright?
No I ain’t doin alright…

I’m going crazy…
Wanna throw this glass through the wall.
I cant help thinking…
Who she’s with, is it all my fault?
I’m a wreck and a mess,
Got nothing left to lose.
But I lie and say «I’m fine»,
How bout you?

Six weeks since we gave in and called it off.
Yea moving on shouldn’t take this long.
I know I said we would still be friends but to the hell with it. What I really meant is….


How bout you?

Your face, my phone,
Somewhere bout 3am…
Askin how I been.


Yeah I just lie and say «I’m fine»…
How bout you?
How bout you?

How Bout You -Josh Gallagher