I’m the bad Guy (Soulswitch sans ver) -SoulSans

Let me put this a way
you Idiots will

im not the damsel in distress
I’m not your brother
distraught and clueless

im not like all the rest
just trying to not die

Nope! I’m the bad guy!

All these humans and monsters that you see
Each of them, with shaking knees,
has knelt before me

So im not your teammate or your
partner in crime

What am I, Frisk?

They’re the bad guy……

Oh, its stellar
To watch you
Turn to dust and die
as you cry

Oh, its thrillin’
To be the villain
I destory their homes
and then i watch you cry

laughs =)
CaUsE iM tHe BaD gUy

O-oh my gosh…
They’re not trying to Kill them just so they can….
They want to destroy me!
Man, thats evil….

{undyne yells}

Isn’t it fantastic?
I see something,
and let me tell you why…

I’ve always had a weakness
For bloodlust and darkness
I crush all your hopes and then
I watch you cry…

See, I find genocide rather fun!
I dont want you lauture or your

I’ll erase you and bid you bye bye!



{Frisk and Soul!Sans}
Cause your the bad guy?
(Cause i’m the bad guy!)
Thats right!

I’m the bad Guy (Soulswitch sans ver) -SoulSans