Intro -Sage Tscinho

Hey bro, I heard about recreation, A new thriving vibe to life,
some sexy dancehall reggae afro pop ish,
Bro deng! she was blazing hot,
I heard the vibes changed tho, upgraded, revived, spicy with some wasabi touch
On an EP that is gonna get you extra plugged,
Its an Afro soul RnB Hip-hop drive, Litted with a touch of love and perfection,
The kinda vibe that is gonna get you off your feet,
Get you banging, get you cruising in your rides,
Keep you locked down to that station!
Welcome to Renaissance the EP

I could talk much,
About a boy who was lost in a Dred-lock
Pierce hard, round tight into hard knocks
Street OT, was the password.. (huh)

Garri, Omi Eba,
Ponmo Tuwo Eja,
Pelu Pure water,
Mi Street mi shey butter.

I was pushed in the corner,
The street and the gutter,
Parcels and motars,
Like bricks in a shutter (huh)

Steady we burst on the mic,
Steady we rolling all night,
Steady we knock on the drive,
Baba God eh, Your boy go blow tonight,

As we dey hustle in life,
Crossing borders, every night,
Turning minus to plus,
We pray for money, money eh,
On a loud (er) mode


Intro -Sage Tscinho