John Sullivan -Mike Breen

John Sullivan (Mike Breen) (copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved) From the CD «Apartment Living» on Basilbone Records.

His heart was still in Coachford when he landed on dry land
It was “hello” Philadelphia, «goodbye» to Ireland
And it weighed so heavy on him
you could see it in his eyes
leaving’ all his family and the Irish life behind

Now a father loves his children and their future must come first
He would not let one more Sullivan live beneath this English curse
for his fighting days are over and his freedom almost gone
So, as soon as he get’s settled the next ship they’ll be on

Quick hands and stomach hungry and shoulders wide and strong
with the Pennsylvania Railroad he found work before too long
and only six months later bought passage on a ship
for his wife and nine children and they all survived the trip

In a small West Chester row house they began to make a home
In the parish of Saint Agnes gave thanks for gifts bestowed
But their hard times were not over, God’s trials were not done
In faith what you are given sometimes too soon is gone

Just one more rail to tighten for his workday to be done
when he heard the five-O-seven on it’s final run
and they all thought he could make it, grab the wrench left on the track
but the train it kept on rollin’ John never made it back

They had a proper funeral and the neighbors all turned out
and they gave a month of Sundays when they passed the plate around
And the men were even crying when they played “The March Of Saul”
And thought about John Sullivan, his wife, nine kids and all

This story’s how I’ve heard it and I’m here to say it’s true
The words I sing with reverence and a debt of gratitude
but for him I’d not be singing nor be a great grandson
proud to be rememberin’ a Sullivan…
a Sullivan named John.

John Sullivan -Mike Breen