Keeping on Rolling -Fey M Supreme


I’m keeping on rolling all the time
When all the niggas r getting grimed
Freatures bitches and they lie
a lot more creatures legalized

Lethal, legal, little, tips
lyrics, treat them, like a king
Linguistic talent telling truth
Maliby on the side i choose

Kinda kinda zombi
Apocalypses in the Landry
Apps to be downloaded
in the moment

Versace bags boom
For Belarusian bimboows
Take them out
Bring me chinese hores


I’m keeping on rolling
i’m Keeping on rolling
i’m keeping on rolling
I’m keeping on rolling


Old flags
Sustained sprayed tags

And money feel the party when I’m hustling
Kill the music try ma body when it’s marbling

Chilling better
come and get it
wanna problem
All them pretty

South side sources
Made happen
Cars with no roof
key west Miami tapple

Take em all, all the time take em all
Sharing the idea I decide what’s below

Keeping on Rolling -Fey M Supreme