Mystery -Electric Flag

I saw you walking down the street, just the other day
I just looked to ???? baby, why you ran away
And that is why-y-y, your love is just a mystery to me no-o-ow
Your mom told me to change, I guess I talked when you act strange

You don’t care baby and you won’t play your game fair
You ???? just like a star, you act so bizzare
You ???? baby, why don’t ya come on down
‘Cause I love ya baby, I need ya baby, I want ya by my side

And baby, come on back home and be my guide
And you must promise that you’ll never go away, yeah
‘Cause our love is a here to stay, so come on baby

Tell my why-y-y your love is such a mystery to me now
Ya call me on the phone, late at night
To tell me to forget it baby, because deceiving you just ain’t right
And that is why, your love is no longer a mystery to me now

My days have been a little brighter
My head feels a little lighter baby
And you told me just what I wanted to know
You said that your strange love will grow, so baby

Why was it all just a mystery to me now, yoah baby
She told me, baby don’t cha, try to control me
I’m glad I love ya, I said I need ya, by my side, to be my guide
I want cha come on over, to come on

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Mystery -Electric Flag