No One’s Coming Home -The Freeze

Shadows play their tricks at night
The man almost seems alive
When in fact he is a decaying corpse
He had a heart attack
and he died
Resting near his deathbed
Waits his lonely Gold Retrievet
Wondering why her master
Suddenly left her on her own

Sun shines through the window
On the dust that’s settled
The wind will bang a shutter
But the dog’s too weak to move
Even hunger pains receding
Ribs bite through brittle skin
She’s dying by the doorway
Sure that no one will come in.

No one’s ever coming home
No one

As Spring coaxed nature into life
The icy winter died
Birds sang on top of telephone wires
While little Tommy cried

He had gone to visit Granddad
But only found him
sort of home
He lay next to his Gold Retriever
Clothes Dust and Bone

No One’s Coming Home -The Freeze