Omegaton -Blood of Abraham

This is war to extermination
Fight cell by cell through bodies and mind screens of the Earth
Souls rotten from the orgasm drug
Flesh shuddering from the ovens
Prisoners of the Earth, come out
Storm the studio

Hey ladies, what’s going on?

Sup, thirsty

Thirsty? Man you don’t got to worry about any of that
See my partner and I, we got this spot
It’s called Oasis
One hour away, showers, waterfalls, jacuzzis, anything you want

What? We’ll take anything with water

Yeah? Get in

You need to hurry up, Flint, and get the fuck up on this bus
You got these scavengers around you, ain’t nobody you can trust
They want a sip of our water
Kids, you can forget it
This whole environment will drive you crazy if you let it
Remember Jolene
She was barely seventeen
When some mother fucker shot her for a sip in her canteen
To top it all off, the water was contaminated
You mean from the explosion when that shit got radiated
Yeah I didn’t think they’d do it
With a single bomb they blew it
Now the whole Earth is just a desert with no fluid

Are we there yet?
I thought you said it’d take an hour

Don’t worry about it, babe, at the Oasis you can shower

I hope you’re not bullshittin’
‘Cause me and my girl, Kitten
Need to get some water and don’t think you two are hittin’

Shut the fuck up
You and your damn sister
Pass the transistor

If you find Earth boring
Just the same old same thing
Come on and join us
At the Oasis
If you find Earth boring
Just the same old same thing
If you can find us
Trade in your hynas
Get liquidated

Unto the path of the aftermath, forbidden zone
To find the man with the map to lands of the unknown
I heard he lives in an abandoned building by the clock tower
Used to be a bank, heavily armored like a tank
We’re gonna be there in a second and we only get two questions
We need to ask about directions, by the way I didn’t mention
When the oracle speaks, he speaks in riddles, giving clues
I think we’re here, take off your shoes
Oh great master oracle of ancient scripts
How do we find some water to bring life to dying lips

The gift of the myth, what if the elements in 5th
A guide to bliss for you to shine within
To begin, let the eye die
Come back alive and rise
Let the eye fly with the math
Stand tall with the staff
Let the sound
Get down with the crown
Be clever in your steps
Knowledge is the gown
Wisdom is ascension

And when the eye will fly, we’ll be knocking at that door
Oracle of scripts, can you elaborate some more

Which astro know my stars in charts
Galactic paths and scripts and psalms
And neo-classicist acts to amuse the sick
The weak, the woman and child left behind
Come under the rule
And tool of proof and truth
Of grand design
The omegaton
Phy-si-c-s, move
Through all, through time
Moves in width, assuming death beyond
The riddle in rhyme
The medic in the math
Disciples on the path
If water’s a choice
Then drips a voice
Three common denominators
My oracle orate the ultimate fate
The state, the mind, the arranging of rhyme
Avengers, let the path be mastered by the one who will mention
Through exemplified medical physics, math, astronomy
Music, the sound, the truth, the fission, division
The great master oracle-ism
Poetic in scripts and riddles and darts
On which path will three of you exist
Or one of two parts
Arts in the hearts is martial before you start
The great oracle
Mind master

If you find Earth boring
Just the same old same thing
Come on and join us
At the Oasis
If you find Earth boring
Just the same old same thing
If you can find us
Trade in your hynas
Get liquidated

Let go of my arm, you’re hurting me
Ow, what the fuck?

Do you remember what it was like before the explosion?
What color the sky was?
Things like that

Infamous government enterprise on the water
Capital private security guards on the border
Latex flex
Watching girls having sex
Unique floor
Electric wires around the reservoir
Cameras scoping moving tanks that we open
Real defense
Presidents, liquid elements
Hundred degrees, thirsty
Reimburse me
Corporate in control
Trade in the lady of gold
Alternate bomb-
-type staff with the fire arm
Ships on deck for you with ropes connected too
Looking around, dump trucks bring the water down
Ya’ll want to settle and move
With the fair trade
Evian cargo, million-dollar upgrade
Check-in tomorrow
Twenty thousand and a fine model
Eight million bottles in the Persian Gulf, serving
It’s time to get nervous
Restriction activists
Foes get next to this
Permanent nuclear twist
Soul avenger
The water is all mine

Someone must do something!!

We thank you for the attention and consideration that you have given to our self-help holistic metaphysical music

Omegaton -Blood of Abraham