Originally I’m Shirazy -Kiki

Bachehaa alaan mogheyi-eh ke be maman baba begeen az otaagh beran biroon.
(Kids, now’s the time to ask your parents to leave the room)

Well I’m a black man (say what), in a Persian man’s body
I bust out with the dope rhymes and all of a sudden my music goes Shadi
Well I’m down with it, I ain’t no mofo 7-11
Don’t need a pill to chill and even if I did, I’d make a phone call and I could get em.

Now hey Persia is my Africa (melody) my melody.
A smooth ass silky poet to the likes of hafez and ferdowsi
Their graves ‘ill never rest cuz they were never a part of my possy
Yeah I roll in Compton now, but originally I’m Shirazy

Kickin’ it at the crib with ma, pa and my posse
The drink is strictly tea and the poetry shirazy
My main hb(homeboy) busts what up hey yo “chetowri”
My 4-11’s sefr hasht, and I’m always in a hurry

My little sis’s been watchin’ too much Persian TV
The other day she busts “salam man denise naghi”
I truly dig most tunes from Hayedeh to Fugazi
And I mighta kicked my accent now but originally I’m Shirazy.

I’m on a mission, to educate the youth
They call me Persian jesus, but I’ma chilling it like a you
I’m going for the 20, my armaments are plenty
I aim the gat and shoot to kill the suckas for a penny

Cuz it’s K to the I to the K to the I
I tell the sisters “Salam” but they always say “Hi”
So if you’re down with your roots then u know that I’m shirazy
If you’re a CDPMF you ain’t kicking it with my posse

You’re a hoover g, see as stupid as can be
When it comes to your roots, vacuum to the T
You’re six foot tall, don’t know your Alef Baa
Spill my words in your “L”, vali tow nemifahmi

You need an eg, well hey take a look at me
This time I have a dream and MLK would agree
Now whether I’m downin’ pizza or koobideh at kababi
If u ask me where I come from, I’m gonna tell u straight up, I’m Shirazy.

Get back to your roots, get back to your culture
Calling it out to my P homeboys
I’m done, you can turn it off now.

Originally I’m Shirazy -Kiki