Psychological Effects of obesity -Kirmah80 слова песни, lyrics

Why do you call names?
Why play these silly games?
Why do you judge?
Why is it necessary to hold a grudge?
fat , ugly
they say i will never be cool
the discrimination and the bullying i get at school
How im dying inside
the engraved hurt i try hard to hide
the depression and pain pile on like this extra skin
my doubts and my flaws deteriorate me from within There is no purpose in living this overweight life
all my problems will be fixed when I’m done with this knife
no use in telling me to exercise every option, every alternative,I’ve already tried
no use in telling me things will improve
when this big fat brand on me will never be removed
I won’t miss this world. It was never my friend since it is the cause of my useless life’s end.

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