Random Decay -Morgue

Uncontrolled cell growth that endangers life
Blood forming tissues causing pain and strife
Man’s most phobic, dreaded disease
Uncontrolled mitosis, pain is its plea

Unknown origin, unknown destination
This morbid disease has destroyed nations
Malignant tumors forming without knowledge
As the silent killer cancer takes another

A suffering unstoppable disease
causing pain and grief
Tearing apart families
Its Random Decay

Isn’t there anything to prevent this death?
Surgery and radiation, the only painful answer
But these may cause a more painful death than cancer

Plague like destructor, giving no warning
Biopsy their only help before mourning
As it eats away from inside
The mind is suffering, ready to die

Cancer cells producing use useless tissue
As normal cells lack of nourishment
Soon the displacement of normal to cancer
For this hideous disease starts its punishment

Slow and painful
Your life now slips away
A victim of cancer
Its Random Decay

Random Decay -Morgue