Skylar -Wale Topdawg

Song — Skylar
Artist — Wale Topdawg


(Skylar) Dada x2
(Wale Topdawg) who-o
This goes out to my dope daughter
Nigger you what I’m saying yeah
One more time who-o


You make me smile erday
I don’t wanna lie to you my baby
Yo are a blessing from God
Always wanna keep you baby around
The way you smile ,the way you walk
The way you talk , calling me daddy
I feel so proud to be with yal
No-one like yal you are my baby
You are the Reason for me to be daddy
Forever with yal kippin’ yal happy
Nothing separate us coz you are my blood
Lemme take you places let’s go abroad
Skylar my baby my one and only
Without you my baby your daddy is lonely

HOOK (Wale Topdawg)

Hey baby, hey mama
Daddy loves yal
Hey Preety, hey Qute
Daddy loves you
You are my baby foreal
Daddy got yal
Hey baby ,Hey mama
Daddy loves yal


I will never live yal my baby,my blood
Cuz you are an Angel
I see you doing some crazy stuff
Yeah You just Amaze me
You are so naughty,you are so clever
You are so genius ,you are just Amaizing
You are so smart, my baby my Angel
Freal you got swagg ,just like your daddy
Ok x2 imma dad now see I’m glad baby
You are so gorgeous, you are so glorious
You are celest , cuz you are the best
Daddy loves you ,Daddy really cares
It doesn’t matter i said it in the verse
I love you ×3 baby
You daddy is a Topdawg
So baby you gonna stay on the Top floor
My dope daughter yeh my first born
I will never trade you with anything
My lil princess you my everything
You are the sky you ain’t got No limit
Anything that you want baby you can get it
Cuz ryt i mean it


[Verse 3]

Back with another verse
I’m feeling myself
Cuz I got a beautiful daughter
Damn yeah she’s so fine
I don’t want these niqqas to mess with you
You know your daddy is a Dawg
Who-o Raah I will bite them all
I pray to God that you grow well
Bright future Aheads you freal
You and yo ma you are my best ladies
My love for you is so endless
All I want is the best from you
Cuz i love you
I don’t wanna see you crying
All I want to see you smilling
I can see that you are growing
Bigger and better like a Real Gee
I really love yal I need to be loved too
I’m more than happy you feel me
I know you love me, yea u love your daddy
though you don’t say it ,I can see it



Dope daughter do you feel me x2

Skylar -Wale Topdawg