I’m so cold so cold

I’m so love , so love

I’m so alone x5

I’m so low x5


Feelin sick to my stomach

last time ,

We had sex we didn’t use any rubber,

Uh , you make me feel like I go to work for it

I don’t want to go ,

I don’t want to make time for you but ,

I don’t have to / want you to go ,

Suicide on your brain never left

me the same

Uh , I’m so numb

I need change

I’m stuck in pain

I need change

Real change

Time I go

looking for a change there you go

Still calling my name


Only time I feel pain

When I feel numb

The only strong when I feel weak

Only time I feel high

When I feel low

I’m so alone x5

I’m so low x5

Take me for who I am

Cry me a river

Can’t put the blame on me

You could do better but your with me

I’m so alone x3

I’m so low x3

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