Sunless Down -Kaatarakt

In those lands shaped in darkness, Desolated realms covered in ashes

Where’s the sun promised, by the elders
Where am I ?

Now, I, open my eyes. With this sunless dawn, Yggdrasil died.
This world, is nothing but darkness, why am I unnable to break my, chains

Now a see clear, i’v freed my mind, all the stars pass by, I am the light all awaited, i am your guide.
All through the night, ear my call, I’ll bring hope in your hearts, free your minds and embrace, my path

Please trust in your fate, I’m here to guide your souls, lost and week
We wont be forgotten,welcome to this new world

Your memories of Yggdrasil live, in our hearts, and for ever, we will rise

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Sunless Down -Kaatarakt