Talk About Love -Todd and Jingyu

Jingyu honey, I’ve been thinking about something

Tell me about it

We have a great relationship, so I was wondering
What makes a good romantic relationship?

That’s a really good question

Well first, doesn’t each person separately need to have their act together?

Must be, I think both need to be independent

Independent, that’s the word
So, two independent people join forces

I think they should probably hold the same general beliefs
I’d even say those beliefs should be in line with
Actual existence, otherwise
Wouldn’t that make for unstable ground on which to even begin?

Yes, that’s the foundation

I know everyone thinks that what they believe is true
So all I’m saying is
If they’re right, then that’s good for a relationship
And if they’re wrong, then that might not be very helpful

That’s a nice way to put it

And the word «communication» is used a lot
Which is important

And we always try to think of win/win solutions

Yes, I really like that

And if a couple starts off with the things we just talked about
Then as issues come up
They’re probably more able to resolve things constructively
And win/win in the first place
Without evasion

I totally agree

Yeah. Another thing is that
Men and women are different
They’re of a different sex

A man penetrates and a woman receives
Is there a possible connection there
To men being more aggressive in ways
And women being more patient Since she has to wait for a man before Anything can really happen?

I know this isn’t your specific problem
My sweet, beautiful girl
But philosophically…

Can’t man plus woman be a more
Fully-effective human team?
Can’t they potentially have a better and happier life
Than either could separately?

Of course, they compliment each other
They can benefit from the strength of the opposite gender

Nicely put. This is all interesting, don’t you think?

I do, it’s worth talking about

(C) Todd Lerner, 2017

Talk About Love -Todd and Jingyu