That old dutch friend oof mine -D/K слова песни, lyrics

I once new a dutch man a freind very dear ,
who Went to the seashore to visit each year .he swim round the peir and a dive
from the rocksand amusued all the ladies by showing them. he;s fist at
the copers that stood on the shore,the very same cops whoed pinched him before.
now the cops they pursed him but this he let pass, and amused all the
ladies bt shoowing them his gracefull manureves and swiming so
fine, for that was the way of that dutch fiernd of mine.
oh he’d wade in to shore and for shells he would hunt, and it looked like a
din of washing her, clothes in the ocean so bright and
so blue thinking there by to make them like new. oh he’d clasp a sweet
maiden right close to his heart dive under the water and let a big,
wave roll over him berry him deep and all you could see of that Dutchman was
feet. he could swim like a feather and dive like a duck you could tell
from his movements he knew how to , forelock in water
clear up to his knees and fill up his lungs with a lovely sea breeze. now all
you young maidens who are in hard luck come down to the seashore and get a good.
breeze that refreshing in the good summertime for you just ott to meet that dear

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