The Wise Ones -Aloys A. Raven

No need for a crown, gazing our fire
We’re safe and sound yet we are lonely

One stomach’s full of wine, somehow pretending we’re as wise
as we are drunk

On ground we stand

Sing your share of lies or sit proud, playing as we play
until the morning

And if you ain’t afraid of life being one throw of the dice
you are now home

Our wit is…

Most nights are spent calm, drawings and chants
safe from the cold, without a bell ring

Removing unclear thoughts, needs to outdo,
« what if you fail ? » into the routine

No matter the world
No matter the worst

It blurs what lays in certainty within this world

Some race for immortality, uncertain of eternity
Few breathe without a soul to hear, a silent breeze

Red mead flows, spirals are tended
Drowned spiders spilled and acclaimed

For most run dragging their heavy webs
for gold, voracious fame

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The Wise Ones -Aloys A. Raven