We Bring Our Praise -ShofarBand

Worthy, in every season You are worthy
Your sacrifice forever perfect
Your praise unceasing, You are worthy

Faithful, through tribulation You are faithful
Your love unmoved, just like the mountains
Forever with us, You are faithful

We bring an offering of praise to You
Our circumstances don’t determine what’s due
Through joy and tragedy You’re faithful and true
Oh we bring our praise
We bring our praise to You

Sovereign, Creator, Saviour, You are sovereign
Able to use all things for our good
You bring the dead to life, You’re sovereign

Calling the nations, every tribe and every living thing
To worship, to worship You
This one obsession, one fixation we’re created for
To worship, to worship You
In every storm, in every fire purify our hearts
To worship, to worship You
This is our joy, this is our full and generous reward
To worship

We Bring Our Praise -ShofarBand