Who Is Gonna Be The One? -Jinjer

Who’s gonna remember what the sun is?

Who’s gonna keep on counting his another disease?
Who’s the one? Who’s the man? Who’s got the power
To prolong for a second his final hour?

Who is gonna be the one?

Who will recognize his mother’s face
Without the protective mask that she wears?
Is there any one who’ll find a reply to the question
«What does the water taste like?»?
Who’s gonna be the one who cares?
Who’s the daredevil to protest?
Come on, you motherfucker, step up of the crowd!
Raise your fist in the air and shout out loud!

I am gonna be the one!

Don’t step aside! Fight back with full force!
Pick up the weapon of your own choice

Don’t you just step aside!

Don’t deny the past you lived
Don’t neglect the future you have

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Who Is Gonna Be The One? -Jinjer