Who We Are -Weesp

We tasted death
We drank up life
We fell in love once
Time ran through our hands
Stumbling over
A wandering dog
We seem so alike
What have we become

Spill more acid over fresh minds
Erase, restart
And dive into the light
Becoming real

We’re staring at the sun
We are who we are
We’re just staring at the sun
Forever who we are

We drank up life
We haven’t got wise
Consumed emptiness
Filled ourselves with it

I can remember myself before
Eager to feel, to touch everything
As if life was on the end of my fingertips
This endless hustle, a rat run
Trying to seem like somebody else,
Trying do something that will be appreciated
As if it actually matters
After all, the only thing important
Is who you are
And that’s it
Being somebody
I think it’s the only way to be really free.
For me, it’s just being
The one who is
Staring at the sun

Who We Are -Weesp